Regional coverage: ROMANIA & MOLDOVA REP.  –  Modern and traditional trade

Advanced management tools

Performance Management System based on KPIs

Integrated ERP for project management, Human Resources  and accounting

On-line reporting  platform – based on mobile data collecting and web accessed

Instore marketing robots

E- learning platform

ISO 9001:2008 certification by and International certification body;

Continuous business growth  in the last 5 years: min 12%, max. 300%  every year

The dynamic development of the modern retail in recent years has forced manufacturers, distributors, suppliers generally, to increase the focus on more efficient use of instore environment, opening the way for retail marketing professional services. Our company responds to these needs through a comprehensive approach that draws professional new standards. Providing services such as merchandising, commercial training, personnel leasing, commercial representation and instore monitoring, we can offer to our partners, through permanent innovation and experience, sustainable solutions for increased performance and efficiency at the point of sale, transforming the collaboration into a long term partnership.

Brand`s performance, in terms of availability, visibility, share of shelf in the category, accuracy in implementing standards and in-store communication can be checked using the reporting service StoreBI IPP.

Through all the the activities that we do daily we provide our partners, and also serviced brands, more power at the point of sale.

We are Instore Power Provider.