A retail business intelligence tool, developed by IPP during 5 years, which provides to the manufacturers and retailers detailed and complex information on brand`s instore performance in terms of availability, visibility, share in the category, accuracy in implementing and communicating promotions. Monitoring helps to increase the efficient use of space occupied by a store brand, providing real-time information enabling improved visibility and availability of products and therefore increase sales.

This tool uses mobile communications technology field data collection and relies on a specialized application for complex information processing, real time web access, to all stake holders, by complex management reports. Executive field members can receive also the data as real time alerts to make rapid corrections.

Using PDAs, our operators collect data and send to GPRS central server. All info is processed and made available in real time to the staff by the filed teams, as management reports and also as non-coompliances alerts, for rapid corrective intervention.

  • AVAILABILITY vs OUT OF STOCKS – daily report
  • PRICE TRACKING – twice a month report, for top 15 SKU
  • PROMO PLAN COMPLIANCE – weekely report
  • SHARE OF VISIBLE INVENTORY – monthly report, proven pictures for increasing the shelf space

Instore BI IPP application allows sending also mail alerts based on customer needs, including proven pictures for all the sent info`s

  • OOS
  • Minimum / maximum price
  • Critical stock
  • nonconformity planograms
  • competition activities
  • merchandisers routing compliance

Based on the alert type,  the information is sent by e-mail to:

  • field sales representatives (OOS and critical out of stock)
  • marketing department (nonconformity planograms, competition activities)
  • other factors involved in the sales process etc